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The Case of Navarra


HA-6-12-04 Updated: 10:24 PM EST

The bombing of seven cities across Spain on Monday by the Basque separatist group ETA on Monday 6 December 2004 slightly wounded five people.  The 11 March 2004 train bombings in Madrid, allegedly carried out by Islamic militants, killed 191 people.  Peaceful interaction between Spain and the Basque “Foral” organ should be introduced to the Constitutional Court by the Spanish Ambassador to the United Nations in order to make an appeal under Article 161(1)(a) regarding fulfillment of Title VIII Chapter III by the Autonomous Basque Community and the continuing constitutionality of;

Article 4 of [Title 12] of the Spanish Constitution as of the Amendment of 1992, that states;                                             

In the case of Navarra, and for the purposes of its incorporation into the General Basque Council or the Basque autonomous regime replacing it, instead of the provisions established by Article 143, the initiative shall lie with the competent "Foral" organ, which shall adopt its decision by a majority of the members comprising it. In order for this initiative to be valid, the decision of the competent "Foral" organ must also be ratified by a referendum expressly held for this purpose and passed by a majority of the valid votes cast. If the initiative does not succeed, it may only be repeated during a different term of office of the competent "Foral" organ and, in any case, only when the minimum period laid down in Article 143 has elapsed.

Article 143 [Autonomy Initiative]
(1) In the exercise of the right to autonomy recognized in Article 2, bordering provinces with common historical, cultural, and economic characteristics, the island territories, and the provinces with a historical regional unity may accede to self-government and constitute themselves into autonomous communities in accordance with the provisions of that Title and the respective statutes.
(2) The initiative for the autonomous process belongs to all the interested deputations or to the pertinent inter-island body and to two-thirds of the municipalities whose population represents at least the majority of the electorate of each province or island. These requirements must be fulfilled within a period of six months from the first agreement adopted on the subject by one of the interested local corporations.
(3) The initiative, in case it does not prosper, can only be repeated after the passage of five years.

Article 2 [National Unity, Regional Autonomy]
The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions which make it up and the solidarity among all of them.

A nueve y medio en la noche Hospitales y Refugios contacto a,

Embajadores Juan Antonio YAÑEZ-BARNUEVO y Iñigo de PALACIO:

Estoy feliz introducir un proposito por la revision de articulo cuatro de titulo doce de la constitucion de espana de 1992 para mejorar la paz entre el estado de espana y la region autonoma de Basque en ingles que se puede encontrar en mi nuevo sitio de Internet a   

Esto es lo primero vez que he reportado al qual quier gobierno o el palacio de paz que he completado la publicacion de mi sitio de Internet.  Estoy medio satisfecho pero tengo problemas publicar mis capitulos de statuto y litigacion y legislacion en html.  Ojala que los embajadores orden la tranducen de la una o dos pagina ensayo que se llama, "Spanish Constitutional Amendment Mandate (SCAM)" y transmitarlo al Corte Constitutional para el ultimo satisfaccion del rey de Espana.

Ojala que Uds. disfruten el sitio y ayuda el rey de Irak para tener la paciencia tranducir el nuevo irak constitucional eleciones (nice) a arabe para un constitucion permanent de Irak.  Se puede encontrar el documento si omprime "legislation".  Se tambien puede encontrar la mayoridad de las consticuciones del mundo en ingles si oprime, "Atlas".

Si tenga problemas conectar entre 9 pm por 10 pm EST esta dia del constitucion es porque estoy arreglando dos problemas.

Mucho Gusto,

Antonio Sanders 

Bombs Rock Spain On Constitution of 6 December 1977 Day 2004


By Emma Pinedo, AP


MADRID, Spain (Dec. 6) - The Basque separatist group ETA set off bombs in seven cities across Spain on Monday, slightly wounding five people and escalating their renewed fight for independence on the day Spaniards celebrate unity.

The outlawed group called in warnings minutes before the simultaneous blasts on Constitution Day to allow police to clear cafes and public squares.

It marked the second wave of attacks in three days, showing ETA was still capable of high-profile attacks despite more than 100 arrests this year including the capture of the group's leader in France two months ago.

Analysts interpret the weak potency of the bombs and the warning calls as ETA's message that it is still standing and wants to negotiate, although talks have been rejected by Spain's mainstream parties as a capitulation to ''terrorists.''

ETA-watchers also say the group apparently has decided not to risk even further public backlash by killing more people in the wake of the March 11 train bombings in Madrid, carried out by Islamic militants, when 191 people died.

The small bombs hit the cities of Alicante, Avila, Ciudad Real, Leon, Malaga, Santillana del Mar and Valladolid -- a corridor from the far north to south of Spain.

On Friday, coordinated ETA bombings at five Madrid service stations marked the first attack on the capital in two years and ETA's most significant strike following months of relative inactivity.

Monday's bombs slightly wounded at least five people, including a 7-year-old girl, as the country celebrated the anniversary of the 1978 constitution.

The constitution is widely cheered as the rebirth of Spanish democracy after the four-decade Franco dictatorship, but the document is bitterly opposed by ETA for enshrining the Basque region as part of Spain.

''Today is Spanish Constitution Day and it has to continue being Spanish Constitution Day, not ETA Day. ... ETA maintains operational capabilities and that's why we are on maximum alert,'' Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso told a news conference.


ETA, Western Europe's most active armed militant group and listed as terrorist by the European Union, has killed nearly 850 people since 1968 in a bombing and shooting campaign for Basque independence from Spain and France.

But there have been no fatal attacks for 18 months amid a police crackdown that has resulted in more than 100 arrests this year, including the raid on ETA's leadership in France two months ago -- the harshest blow against ETA in 12 years.

Spain's top dignitaries were enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at a reception in parliament to mark Constitution Day when the bombs exploded.

None of Monday's blasts were within Spain's Basque Country, which is made up of three provinces in the north of Spain that Basque nationalists say are part of a greater Basque homeland including Navarre and three provinces in France.

One of the targeted cities, Leon, is the home town of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and another, Valladolid, that of his predecessor, Jose Maria Aznar.

Additional reporting by Itziar Reinlein in Madrid and Victor Fraile in Santillana del Mar

Reuters 16:50 12-06-04

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